About us

who are we?

KIZA is a social enterprise that makes fashion products with an African touch. We produce with vulnerable people such as young mothers or people with a mental disability in order to empower them and develop their talents. KIZA, fashion that matters. KIZA is a Kirundi word and means ‘saved or liberated from difficulties’. Our work and products want to enable people to develop their talents and live a decent life.

Nadia and Roland
Nadia and Roland

Nadia Irakiza (Creative director / designer): “I grew up in Burundi. A small and beautiful country in the heart of Africa. I’ve always been fascinated by making beautiful things. As a child, I used to visit a tailor in our neighborhood to collect small pieces of tissue. I clothed the puppets that I made myself and created my own small world in my bedroom. It’s my passion to show the beauty that is within every person and to bring it to the outside.”

Roland Zuidema (Commercial director): “I grew up in the Netherlands. When I was at elementary school, we had a visitor that worked in the farthest corners of Indonesia. He showed me images of cultures that wakened my curiosity.  I’ve worked on three different continents in international development. I want to show the talent that is within all people, especially those who are vulnerable. As a father of an autistic son, I’ve seen my son discover his talents by working with animals on a care farm, bringing him from frustration to pride.”


Teenage mothers in Bujumbura

Francine runs the workshop in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. This is the place where our jewelry is being made by mainly teenage mothers. Nadia: "Girls who become pregnant at young age, are often being looked upon in a negative way by others. They form a vulnerable group in society, often being alone without any support of the father or the family. They think negative about themselves and feel useless and not capable of doing much. By bringing them together in the workshop, we train them in making beautiful things and starting to think 'beautiful' about themselves. They regain confidence and a purpose in life. What is also very important, they become capable of taking financially care of themselves and their child(ren). It is my dream that, by selling our products, we will be able to support many more of these young mothers." 

Our products

African fabric
All our fabrics are made of cotton and are produced in Africa. Our collection of fabrics changes regularly, so keep an eye on our webshop. Our main collection comes from the manufacturer Afritextile in Burundi. KIZA is exclusive supplier for all of Europe.

Our jewelry is made for a large part of natural or residual materials, like wood, seeds and paper. In addition, we use African fabric in the jewelry. This makes it easy for you to combine our available fabrics from the webshop with, for example, earrings or bracelets with the same fabric. Our jewelry is made in Tanzania, Burundi and in the Netherlands. All earrings and bracelets with African fabric are made by Nadia herself.

We use original, African fabrics in all of our bags. The bags have a foam layer that gives them flexibility and sturdiness. Any kind of bag is always limited to up to 100 pieces in production (same model with the same fabric), ensuring the exclusivity of our product.

The sandals
Soon, we will expand our collection with handmade sandals for women. Of course, beautiful African fabrics will be used in these sandals.

Tailor made fashion
Just chose any of our fabrics in the webshop and tell us what you want us to make out of it. Use our special contact form for this.

KIZA works with Burundi artist Francine Mugumyangingo. She makes beautiful, very exclusive paintings that show the African woman at her best. The paintings have African fabrics in it.

Nadia and Francine
Nadia and Francine

Home and interior
Soon our new collection will be online. We design and produce home accessories, using African fabrics. The new collection will consist of coated lampshades, placemats and napkins